Malwarebytes Software License Agreement/ Term & Condition

Every site and software has some terms and conditions to prevent the exploitation of their site. So, Malwarebytes website welcome to you and also give the warning to read and follow the following terms and conditions carefully before downloading, installing, and using the Malwarebytes software as these terms and conditions of this software license agreement govern your use of the software and our site.

1. Grant of License:

Malwarebytes grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to execute each copy of the Software single in executable form on a virtual machine solely for your personal or internal business purposes. If you want to transfer the Software from one computer to a different Computer, then you must first completely uninstall the Software from the first Computer and reinstall the Software on the new Computer and re-register the Software on the new Computer with Malwarebytes is mandatory. The main purposes of this Agreement are to load, install, and run this Software on a single Computer locally to maintain its functionality as well as its design.

2. Ownership:

Malwarebytes preserves ownership of the Software itself, so you just need to purchase the Malwarebytes license and make your ownership with Malwarebytes. The Software and Database are protected by U.S. copyright law and international treaties. You have not an authority to delete the copyright, trademark, markings appearance, and other proprietary rights notice on the Software as delivered to you. In this Agreement, Malwarebytes contains all rights in the Software and Database not expressly granted to you.

3. Updates:

Malwarebytes Software requires the time-to-time updating as with new modern era. So, it’s better for you to update the Software regularly, or to set it to update automatically if that feature is available. This agreement is basically used to maintenance, updates, upgrades, content or new versions of the Software.